Lighting Design

When it comes to Lighting for your Wedding, Corporate Function or Event Central Arkansas Entertainment has all of your Lighting covered. We have one of the largest selections of lighting in Central Arkansas and pride ourselves in doing lighting for some of the largest Weddings and Events in the region. Our lighting engineers take great pride in making sure your event looks the absolute best!

These packages are our most popular packages for Ambient Lighting (also known as uplighting) at Weddings and Events of any size. When it comes to lighting, while the par cans are great the LED lights are capable of so much more. Being able to color fade and match to your specific colors of your Event. We will come and set-up this lighting adjust it to the room and come back and tear it down at the end of your event. These costs include all delivery, set-up and teardown charges in the local area.

Before Lighting

Here Below is Video of a Room Before “Lighting Design” and Photos of After. Please watch the below video of the room to see what it looked like before and then check out the photos after we installed the “Lighting Design Package, Drape and Signature/Monogram Light!”

After Lighting

Photos after we installed the “Lighting Design Package, Drape and Signature/Monogram Light”. It looks like a totally different room, but it is the same room!

Textured Lighting
With Textured Lighting you can have patterns on your walls, floors or ceilings. Depending on the vision of your event from tree banches or vines to abstract designs. We tailor the patterns to your overall vision of your event.

Lighting Design Package
Includes 18-20 Par Cans Lights (Either LED or Incandescent) all local delivery and set-up and teardown included. (Our Lights can adjust to any color and can fade from color to color).

Monogrammed/Signature Light
We also do lighting to texture the walls with whatever design you would like as well as Monogrammed/Signature Lighting (with the Bride and Grooms name on the dance floor, or whatever you choose).


Chandeliers, Globe Lighting, Chandeliers and More...